Kent & Canterbury Hospital

Location Details


Ethelbert Road

Access in Detail

Children's Assessment Centre Entrance.
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  • Children's Assessment Centre Entrance.
  • Approach to Children's Assessment Centre.
  • Crossing Point.
There is weather protection provided.
There is a double door. Automatic powered. Powered with a manual push button to operate. Sliding.
The effective clear width of the door is at a minimum of 800mm.
The threshold is level.
The doors are automatic.
The door activation system is clearly distinguishable from the background.
The automatic doors remain open long enough for a slow-moving person to pass through.
These doors are fully automatic on entry and manually activated on exit.


Name Approach to Children's Assessment Centre
The approach route is at a minimum width of 1800mm.
Crossing points have the provision of tactile paving.
There is blister tactile paving.
There are no drainage grates along the approach route.
There are no rainwater gullies along the approach route.
The approach route is clearly defined.
The approach route is free from obstructions.

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